Month: November 2018

How To Sell A Cluttered Home

Clutter is something we can’t always avoid piling up in our home. We always have a tendency to buy things we thought we needed. Only to find out later that we don’t have any practical use for it. This can become a problem over time if it continues to go on. When it’s time to sell our home, we need to decide if we are going to keep or discard those items. Here’s how to sell a cluttered home. 

Throw away the trash 

Our home is not a garbage bin. Trash doesn’t have a rightful place in the home. It must be thrown out to clear some space and keep our homes from becoming a serious health hazard. To do this, we must identify the trash that needs to be thrown out. Start at one place and move on as progress is made. Schedule this task on a weekend so the kids can also help. 

Hold a garage sale 

You still need to clear up more space to make your home more sellable after the trash was thrown out. Hold a garage sale in order to make some money for the remaining stuff you have. People are always attracted to garage sales because they might find something useful at a cheap price. You will always have something that people have been looking for.  

Give away useful stuff you no longer need 

For the items that did not get sold during the garage sale, you can give them away to charitable institutions. They will be more than happy to receive those items and give them to the persons who need it the most. At least you once gave something to charity. 

Stage your home 

It’s your choice if you’re going to hire a professional home stager or not. In this case, it’s better to hire one since you still have so many things that may need disposal. Tell the stager that he or she must work with the stuff you have. If there are things that may seem unnecessary, you can always donate them to charity. 

List your home 

You have now cleared away some stuff. Your home is must now be listed for sale in order to let people know. Once your house is listed, expect people to book appointments for home viewing visits. You must let your agent know about all the stuff that the successful buyer will get. Your agent can focus on marketing your house as fully furnished.  

Negotiations and closing 

Once an interested party shows interest, you can sit on the negotiating table and start discussing the terms. Once a consensus is reached, it’s time to make it official. Your house has a new owner!