Creative Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

The influence of the internet is very evident. There is a need to capitalize the benefit of the internet in your marketing campaign. Content marketing is a strategic approach that utilizes both words and visuals to engage the audience, promote brand awareness and creating an online presence. The challenge for real estate agents today is to optimize content marketing to reach as many potential clients as possible. 

Here are some creative content marketing ideas that as an agent can help you sell Aspen real estate: 

  1. Write an eBook

eBooks are meant to be read by your visitors online. They are also downloadable and printable to provide the traditional book reading experience. eBooks are so effective because it goes away from the concept of hardcore selling and converts leads into clients with little or no effort at all. The challenge in creating an eBook is the actual writing itself. First, you need to pick an interesting topic that will cater to the needs of many readers. Second, you need to do a lot of research to have an idea of what to write and to make your content factual. Then, you need to do the actual writing which is a very difficult job especially if it is not your forte. Writing an eBook is time-consuming and involves a lot of work but its efficiency is unquestionable. 

  1. Create an InteractiveInfographic 

Our brain is like an image processor. Once we see an image, our brain transcribes what we are seeing. Explain what you do and demonstrating your listing can be more effective if you will use infographics.  Infographic is a combination of relevant data plus images which are very effective in educating the audience. 

  1. Post stories in the social media

The social media has become a catalyst for information campaign because of its accessibility. You can take advantage of using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms to promote your listing. You can post stories of interesting topics about the house, the neighborhood where it is located and other things related to owning a property. You can accompany these stories with quality photos and videos which will surely increase visitors’ interests. 

  1. Create videos and upload them to your website and social media pages

The online community likes watching videos. Sometimes, words and photos are not enough.  People want to see more of what you offer and they want to have a feeling like they are present in the video. They want to envision how it’s like living in your house and in the neighborhood.  By producing videos, it gives them the chance to see for themselves even the smaller details of the house and its neighborhood.